More Feelings

However, you can’t expect the other people in the locker room to treat them the same way. You can expect the reaction to get awkward when they see them again and you can’t blame them. It is terrible to discriminate them though since they are also human beings and they deserve to be treated equally. There are more important issues at hand that need more focus than the LGBT people. They will campaign against being mistreated in the near future and you can’t really do anything about that. You can just listen what they have to say when it is on the news.


You are either going to feel sorry for them or agree with every word they say. They are convincing since you will usually not hear about what the other side has to say. Their voices are so loud that you won’t even hear a single word when the opposing team starts to speak. You have no choice but to hear them out once again. You will even wonder where they get their energy from but it is no secret each word they speak comes from their heart.

Future Plans

After that, they don’t plan on visiting other parts of the country. There is no turning back for transgenders since they have already made the transformation to the other side. It was a painful surgery for them but they had to do it since it was their preference and they have the money to do so.


However, you can’t expect their parents would want them to grow up that way as it is possible there was no indication they would want to be what they are right now. It is expected there will be rallies to protest against these new laws as they are very active when it comes to making their voices heard. Before you know it, they are already raising signs about how they deserve equal rights. They know they have done nothing bad to violate the rights of other people in the society.

The LGBT community have noticed a lot of laws have gone against them and they continue to fight for equal rights for themselves since they know there will be nobody else who will help them but the members of their community. There have been numerous celebrities who have come out in public and a lot of people appreciate that but you don’t really know the true intentions of those who are close to them.

You won’t know if they were disappointed when they found that out or not. It will be a good thing for you if you are a member of the community and you don’t like to travel that much to the States. You can just stay at a place where the LGBT does not get discriminated that much. It would be better if other people there would treat you equally. It is noticeable how some famous athletes have come out as gay or lesbian and they get support for it.