-Huffington Post- Rick Santorum Talks Gay Marriage With Lesbian Filmmaker Kristina Lapinski
HuffPo covers Kristina’s trip to a Republican Presidential Debate and her conversations with Rick Santorum and Newt
Gingrich on gay rights. Also featured in the Advocate, Think Progress, Truth Wins Out and 2012 Republican Candidates.

-Crooks & Liars- Gay Marriage Protesting Tased at Santorum Rally
Gay U.S.A. is attacked at a Santorum rally after leading Occupy protestors to chant “Gay Marriage is Ok!”
Two protestors were tased and the video went viral. Also featured in On Top Magazine, The Seattle Lesbian and SDGLN.

-Huffington Post- Michele & Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic’s Practices Described By Undercover Lesbian Filmmaker
Kristina goes undercover at Bachmann & Associates as a lesbian struggling with her identity.
The therapist directs Kristina to “pray the gay away.” Also featured in Advocate, Truth Wins Out and Towleroad.

-Advocate- When Harvey Met Sally
Kristina interviews Sally Miller Gearhart about Harvey Milk and Proposition 6 in California.
Sally Miller Gearhart was the first open lesbian to obtain a tenured teaching position in the United States.

-Advocate- 6 Most Absurd Prop 8 Briefs
Kristina reports on the 6 most absurd Prop 8 amicus briefs filed in the Supreme Court.
Briefs include the Liberty Council, Westboro Baptist Church, and Citizens United.

-Advocate- Equal Sacrifice Demands Equal Rights
Gay U.S.A. attends the first annual Outserve military sumit, a historic event following the repeal of
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Kristina films the touching story of the Wilfahrt family.