Will their Rally be a flop?  If you value your equality help ensure it is! If you have yet to be persuaded to come out maybe this will help:

WHY you must come to D.C. to Rally for marriage equality: Arch enemy NOM, the anti-gay group founded by Maggie Gallagher, is begging for money and support to bus people into D.C. to try and persuade Justice Kennedy, the possible swing vote Justice of SCOTUS to rule against marriage equality.  Yes that is what the NOM BLOG says and it is reiterated in their Facebook page to 28,000 supporters.   NOM is trying to tilt the scales of justice. They are trying to boost the amount of attendees in D.C. to make it seem to the Justices,  in a perpetuated lie, that America favors “one man and one woman” over equality in love for all couples. But they are admitting failure in an attempt to squeeze another $200,000 out of supporters.  While LGBT activists from around the country, will get there without support and paying their own way, NOM begs for support to help pay for people to get to D.C.

Hey, I am not trying to say LGBT people have more money – I am trying to say we will rally at any cost, to save our Constitutional rights!


“We have one week left before the March for Marriage on March 26th. One week to bring together thousands to stand proud and tall for the truth that it takes a man and a woman to make a marriage. One week to make sure that the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy in particular understand the diversity of our coalition. One week to change history… But I’ve got to be honest with you. We are struggling to make sure that everyone has a chance to make history... Please click here right away to make a confidential, tax-deductible donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or more to make the March for Marriage an unequivocal success! We’ve received many more bus requests from around the country than we can afford. Though Citizen Link, the Thomas More Law Center and the Manhattan Declaration have come to our aid in recent days by financially supporting our efforts to subsidize buses, we still have an enormous financial need to help struggling churches send their congregants to the March from out of town.

I need you to not only give your most generous gift, but also forward this message and urge your friends and family to do the same (you can use the buttons below to pass along this message).

We have an incredibly generous matching pledge of $500,000 up until the March… but we’re falling short of the mark. We cannot afford to waste this opportunity! As of today, we have only raised around $300,000 toward our $500,000 goal. Now is the time to take action! Please click here to make your most generous gift in support of the Match for Marriage and help us take advantage of this incredible matching gift opportunity!

Will you help change history in this last week with both your prayer and action… and by giving whatever you can today?”

And lets say this – Come to D.C. and if you cannot then make sure you go out and find one of the 150 nationwide events closest to you!


Marriage Equality USA belongs to the United for Marriage Coalition which is sponsoring Light the Way to Justice events that are taking place across the country leading up to and during March 26-27, 2013, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) will be listening to oral arguments on the challenge to Proposition 8 and the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)


Light the Way to Justice is not just one march, fight or demonstration – this is a peaceful display of solidarity and a stand for LOVE, not hate, across the nation.










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