Bishop Christopher who is Participating in our film  GAY U.S.A. the Movie will be this year’s San Francisco Pride Global Marshall

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Disani Christopher Senyonjo is on tour of the U.S.A. and will be this year’s Global Grand Marshall, as San Francisco Pride recognizes the contrbutions made by the Bishop to LGBTI people in Uganda, Africa and globally.

The work of Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, a retired Anglican Bishop from the Diocese of Western Uganda, has become increasingly vital over time, heightened by the intensifying persecution of homosexuals in his country. Taking the courageous step of ministering to LGBT people in his country, the Bishop is calling on America to “stop exporting hatred” as he continues to advocate for the global decriminalization of homosexuality.    

It is a well known fact that Christian Evangelicals from the United States of America have planned, funded and implemented a direct attack on homosexuality in Uganda, citing biblical interpretation and transporting myth and lies to a country plagued by poverty and seasoned for ‘scapegoating.’

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Disani Christopher Senyonjo received his M Div in 1966 and his STM in 1967 from Union Theological Seminary, New York. Bishop Senyonjo is perhaps best known for his courageous advocacy on the part of LGBTQ persons in Uganda, where he spent his entire ministerial career prior to his 1998 retirement.

In his early career, Bishop Senyonjo was one of the translators of the Bible into the Luganda language. This translation is now used throughout Uganda across denominational lines. From 1974 until 1998, Senyonjo was the Diocesan Bishop of West Buganda at Masaka. He completed a D Min. at Hartford Theological Seminary, which was key to his understanding of marriage and human sexuality: two areas which would define his later career.

Following his retirement from the bishopric, Senyonjo began counseling services for singles and married people. His counseling services for LGBTQ people began in 2001. In 2010, he founded St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Centre for LGBTQ/Straight Alliance.

Bishop Senyonjo has been a keynote speaker at multiple international human rights conferences, including two at the United Nations in 2010. These two conferences helped to reinstate language protecting LGBTQ people against “extra-judicial” killings.

He has been recognized by the California State Assembly for his leadership on LGBTQ issues and was named one of Huffington Post‘s Ten Most Influential Religious Leaders for 2010.

Bishop Senyonjo’s courageous stand against anti-LGBTQ bigotry in Uganda was the subject of a profile in Religion Dispatches in February 2011. He is Executive Director of the St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Center, Kampala and will be visiting the United States from June 13th to July 30th.

For more on the Bishop please see GAY U.S.A.  the Movie’s interview and Video at -

Exclusive video interview with Bishop Christopher Senyonjo: Article calls for Absolute Decriminalization of Homosexuality as a means to ending the “Kill the Gays Bill” in Uganda.   September 11th, 2011

By Melanie Nathan and Kristina Lapinski

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