Since October of last year, eQualityGiving has been announcing the 2012 endorsed candidates for federal and statewide office who are fully pro-equality and in very close races. Here are seven additional endorsed candidates who they are promoting to fund who are also running for Congress.

Each candidate has completed the eQualityGiving Endorsement Form and been personally interviewed. These are some of the closest races in the country where eQualityGiving believes dollars, fundraising, and volunteering are best spent. Check the entire current list of all endorsed candidates for this cycle on our website at

Candidates are ranked on their position on equality goals and the competitiveness in the specific race.   Equality Goals are the freedoms, rights, and protections guaranteed to all Americans, but currently denied to LGBTQ Americans. The Equality Goals identified are: -Hate Crimes, Non-Discrimination,Equality in the Military, Civil Marriage Equality, Freedom of Gender,Protecting Youth,Same Sex Parenting Rights

A candidate who publicly supports all Equality Goals is classified as Pro-Equality. Candidates currently serving in a legislative body are expected to have sponsored or co-sponsored the relevant LGBT legislation introduced.

Data show this ER doctor is trying to defeat “the most vulnerable incumbent in Congress.” This is because the newly drawn district he is in has now become a Democratic district in a state that should have huge coattails for Obama. He is a very strong pro-equality candidate who is on the Democrat’s “Red to Blue” list.

“I have stood along side my many friends in the LGBT community my entire life, and I look forward to standing up for them every day in the halls of Congress.”



Also picked as one of the Democrat’s “Red to Blue” candidates due to the real chance of this very popular State Rep to win against an anti-equality and corruption-laced incumbent, Fitzgerald has a commitment to equality that is as firm and as passionate as it could be.

Each generation has a duty to expand the cause of human dignity and to advance it by the rule of law. LGBT issues represent this generation’s challenge. I will fight for them with vigor when elected to Congress.”


 STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND MAYOR LOIS FRANKEL (D-FL) FOR U.S. HOUSEAs one of the top two non-incumbent fundraisers in the country, Frankel is running in an open seat which has been flipping red to blue to red the past few elections. She makes no excuses for her lifetime support of LGBT equality and has fought vigorously (even physically, as a child) to protect those who were victims of bullying.

“I steadfastly believe that every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, should be granted equal rights and just protection under our laws. As a member of Congress, I will support an omnibus equality bill as an important and necessary step to achieving complete equality for LGBT citizens.”


DANE COUNTY TREASURER DAVE WORZALA (D-WI) FOR U.S. HOUSEA very strong pro-equality candidate who is well fit to fill the vacancy created by Tammy Baldwin as she runs for Senate, Worzala has 20 years of experience working at the federal, state, and local levels in both the legislative and executive branches of government, including service in the Office of Management and Budget under President Clinton. He is co-endorsed along with Mark Pocan until the primary in August.

“As a member of Congress, I will continue the work done by Congresswoman Baldwin to fight and end discrimination so that we can achieve equality for all Americans.”


STATE DEMOCRATIC CHAIR ANDREI CHERNY (D-AZ) FOR U.S. HOUSEA best selling author, a former speechwriter for President Clinton, a nationally-recognized economic policy expert, and a bonafide pro-equality progressive, Cherny has been called a “superstar” by CNN, a “progressive reformer” by Washington Monthly, and one of America’s “top young thinkers” by the New York Times. His Jewish immigrant heritage makes him an unlikely frontrunner in a newly drawn Arizona district. He is co-endorsed along with Kyrsten Sinema until the primary in August.

“For more than 15 years of work in the public policy arena and government, I have been at the forefront of the fight for LGBT rights and equality. I will carry that person commitment and track record to Congress.”

Her work as chair of Arizona Together led to the first and only defeat of a statewide anti-gay marriage amendment, and this led to her development of a Movement Messaging Toolkit which helps LGBT advocates better communicate with voters. Running in a new district with no incumbent or clear front runner for either the primary or the general, Sinema is garnering support based on her successes in the Arizona House and Senate. She is co-endorsed along with Andrei Cherny until the primary in August.

“With your help, I hope to become the nation’s first openly bisexual member of Congress and stand up for the forgotten middle class and powerless in our society .”

As a champion of LGBT rights all her political life, she currently occupies the Senate seat once held by Gabrielle Giffords and now seeks her seat in the US House in the November election. Aboud is the first out lesbian legislator to serve in Arizona history and currently serves as the Minority Whip in Arizona’s Senate. She is co-endorsed along with Matt Heinz until the primary in August.
“The tragic death of a gay student compelled me to become a political advocate nearly three decades ago to fight against discrimination. We must continue to be vigilant on our path for equality, for ourselves and for our youth. Together we can win the rights our community deserves.”

Be sure to check the list of all candidates eQualityGiving have endorsed so far at  – :  “All of them are pro-equality and in very close races, so funding them is a strategic investment of your money.The list includes the only US Senate candidate we have endorsed so far, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, who seeks to be the first openly LGBT member of the Senate. Her race is still expected to be one of the closest Senate races this year.


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