The right for same-gender couples to marry persists unharmed and the reversal to civil unions is a thing of the past!
The New Hampshire House of Representatives has defeated an attempt to roll back the state’s marriage equality bill with a vote of 116-211. Rep. David Bates (R)  had also sought a referendum but lost that vote 162-188. Polling on the issue showed that a clear majority of New Hampshire residents opposed rolling back marriage rights for lesbian and gay residents of the Sate, noting that it was the legislatures role, not voters’, to make a decision on repeal.

During the debate on the bill Bates and other opponents of equality invoked comparisons between same-sex marriage and incest while protesting when others juxtaposed the measure with the racial segregation of the past.

The mostly Republican legislature broke into applause when the Bill was defeated and  Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, had promised to veto the bill if it reached his desk.

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