Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Karger tops the PRO-Equality list with a 100% Equality score!

Bachmann, Santorum, Perry and Gingrich tie for 0%  Equality Score

Starting in August 2011, MEUSA  delivered a survey to the office of each active, formally announced United States Presidential candidate via e-mail, web mail, and/or facsimile, and also via certified U.S. mail.   Each candidate’s survey showed his or her latest stand on each LGBT issue, based on speeches made, documents signed, and interviews given.  All candidates were invited to notify MEUSA of updates to their positions as they occur, up through election day on 6 November 2012.

MEUSA has complied this latest  side-by-side comparison showing what the current presidential candidates are planning for America’s 31 million LGBT people, “who remain 2nd class citizens during what is now the most overtly homophobic campaign season in our nation’s history:”

Since it was first published in mid-August, MEUSA’s illustration has been reported in over 60 magazines, web sites, blogs, and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, in the hope that this table will be used to praise, enlighten, or criticize the candidates, and also to urge journalists to write about the civil rights that LGBT Americans still don’t have.

Marriage equality Shows Homphobic Presidential Candidates

Here are some Articles lending further credence to the quote by MEUSA:

Truth Wins Out – Santorum Shares Microphone with Kill-the-Gays Preacher, Wants Gays Imprisoned

Presidential candidate Sen. Rick Santorum appeared Saturday on the radio show of Minnesota “kill the gays” preacher Bradlee Dean to endorse so-called sodomy laws which would imprison all LGBT Americans but spare millions of misbehaved heterosexuals.

 Op-ed: Equal Sacrifice Demands Equal Rights

Herman Cain says homosexuality is a sin and a choice. Rick Santorum believes being gay is a social experiment that should be kept out of the military. Michele Bachmann says, “If you are involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle it is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.” She also considers being gay and lesbian a sexual dysfunction. Rick Perry supports a federal amendment to ban gay marriage — as do most of them. They’re indistinguishable.

Perhaps given our support, Karger could shake up the field, putting Gay America at the forefront of Republican politics. After all, look at the field. Today I heard a call-in radio show; it was interesting to note how many callers said they would never vote for a Mormon, nor an Evangelical, nor a Tea Party candidate. Look who is left and envisage the fun in a race between Herman Cain and Fred Karger.

Karger’s candidacy has the extraordinary ability to shed a positive light on Gay America and to provide a conduit for our voice, never heard. It is time for the Republican right-stream to get on board with the pragmatism of embracing equality, a core American value.



by Melanie Nathan

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