While the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Westboro Baptist Church threatened major protests outside the  New York  City Clerks office and City Hall for today’s historic start to same-sex marriage in the State of New York, counter protests had been set up by gay and lesbian organizations,  to thwart the negative energy on this blissful celebratory day.

Yet none was needed, as a feeble group of four showed up for Westboro, and none from NOM. There was no match for the hundreds of same sex couples who rallied to marry, while supported by family, friends and City officials. Nothing could dampen this glorious day for those in love and ready to claim their rights.

Westboro  has little relevance at all and NOM is losing ground; Americans are increasingly supporting equality, as a core American value.  No one could have said it better than Mayor Bloomberg today, as he officiated at a wedding for staffers, “New York has been waiting a long time for this day.”

Westboro has, if anything, helped the LGBTI movement through its outlandish antics, which have attracted mainstream media. While difficult to understand why media would focus on a handful of rowdy crazy people, it has helped the gay rights movement  by casting a shadow on all conservative opposition to equality, making it seem as if anti-gay marriage proponents are in congruence with religious zealots.

Today Kristina Lapinski, producer of GAY USA The Movie, captured this unique footage of one of the angry Westboro ‘mob of four.’  Lapinski noted that each of the four protestors  accessorized with four signs each, to feign a crowd. Clearly it was nothing more than singular spectacle, highlighting their fringe and hateful stance.

WBC Protests NYC Marriage from Kristina Alexis on Vimeo.

Written: by Melanie Nathan,
Publisher GAY USA , Blog

Video/ Photographs:  by Kristina Lapinski,
Producer, GAY USA, The Movie

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